Oh My Gad, We’re Back! (again)

…brothers, sisters, everybody sing~!


Iron-Gibbet is back online! Thankfully everything went as scheduled and nothing broke … *too* badly.

You may notice some things in the finer details – for instance, each comic site get’s it’s own, personalized slice of heaven! Bask in their individuality!
And, perhaps more importantly, comments on comics are BACK ONLINE! They’re now hosted through Facebook to make life a little bit easier than bothering to come up with logins and whatnot for every thing…

As for the comics themselves, Indifferent Girl will continue updating every Wednesday while we wait for The Refuge and Requiem Mask both make their return in December!

AND Dim Bulbs,  our newly hosted comic by Zach Heiser , is set to launch in early 2016!

So take a peek and see what’s new! Go and binge read everything! Now is a good time!

(I-G’s back… all right~!)

Early November Update!

Greetings, all!
It’s a busy month for us here at I-G Comics.
Every day is a scheduled workday for us as we prepare for the relaunch in December, and I daresay, we’re actually on schedule. *knocks on ALL THE WOOD*
Just a little bit to update you guys on the happenings:
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Changes Headed into Fall

Hello everyone! We recently hinted at some changes coming to Iron-Gibbet and decided that, since Indifferent Girl updates today, we would bring that announcement to you today as well!
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