Don’t Worry! We’re Still Alive!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us or seen any major updates to the site and comics.
We’ve had a bit of a rough patch in real life, and we’re in the middle of sorting it out. But to give you an idea of the craziness, both Alex and Chelsey are in the process of trying to find new jobs, sell our house, and move into an apartment. So things have been hectic.

However, we don’t want to leave you hanging! So we hope you’ve been able to check out the newest addition to our little family – DIM BULBS! It’s a great little comic by the talented Zach Heiser, and he’s been working his fingers to the bone to come up with new updates to keep you all entertained!

We’re also looking to round out our comic roster by adding even more new artists to our page. So if you have a webcomic or are thinking of starting one, send a message to and tell us a bit about yourself and your idea or story. Don’t be afraid! We don’t bite, and we’re really laid back. We want to give all new artists the chance to start somewhere and get a little attention by sharing an audience.

As for when Indifferent Girl, Requiem Mask, and The Refuge will be updating next? We’re not sure. We need to get our lives settled a bit first. When that happens, we’ll start updating. Though we are debating how we want to go about loading the comics and releasing the printed copies. With Requiem Mask winding down, we hope to release something soon!

Ghost Town

Hey everyone! You may have noticed the sharp decline in posting… anything aside from the steady queue of Requiem Mask updates since our recent relaunch.

So what’s been going on? A great many things! Many of those things, unfortunately, fall under the category of “a bit too personal” to share – but please trust us when we say it was the equivalent of finally breaking through to the surface and taking a large, deep breath after being under water for far too long.

Life Offline is beginning to stabilize… sort of. Some big changes had to be made, and now most of our time and energy is now devoted to making sure those happen. If you follow Alex or Chelsey’s twitter accounts, you may get an idea of what’s going on. If not, we’ll give you the cliff notes.

Mainly, things are changing! The most significant of which is that Alex and Chelsey are making a solid attempt at finding a new home – somewhere that they can live together! Right now they (we) are based with Chelsey’s mom in Chelsey’s childhood home. There has been/still is quite a bit to sort through, spiritually, emotionally… literally? Three generations have lived in this house, so there is a lot that needs to be done to get it prepped for a new family to begin making new memories.

So, while our focus is on that, the issue then becomes “What of Patreon and Iron-Gibbet in general?”
We know we just got back from a hiatus, but the nature of what we need to do requires a softer one, of sorts.

We love making comics, we love sharing them with everyone, but we know that they take up a lot of valuable time that we need.

The Refuge has been put on a soft hold. Indifferent Girl has also been put on a soft hold. Requiem Mask will continue to update until our queue for it runs out. After that, a plan is still being discussed – the most popular idea of which being some sort of book release, or another bulk production update. We have yet to decide. Either way, this is by no means the end of us making comics all together! It’s just going to be a much slower grind once again. We have to focus on our lives right now, and also know that we’d rather give you guys the best we can offer artistically and narratively. What you all have been enjoying now is the result of our first slower-paced production and we are really proud of that, and love how much you all enjoy it!

What about the Patreon?
Charges are beginning to filter in for January, and after that… refunds will be issued. Refunds have already been processed for December. We always always, always appreciate your support, but we can’t, in good conscience, accept your money for work that we can’t keep up with. If the rewards/feed aren’t being kept up with (which they haven’t been) then we aren’t doing our jobs!

If you’d like to unsubscribe from our Patreon, we fully and completely understand! Admittedly, we’re not sure how and if there is a way to sort of ‘pause’ the collection of money other than continually refunding it to you all each month, should you decide to stay on in good faith. I suppose if you would like to continue to support us even through this change, the option is up to you, just send us a message through your favourite platform to either Chelsey or Alex with your intent!

Regardless, we will remain honest in how we conduct business!

Other than that, we will certainly keep everyone as up to date as possible on this journey. Iron-Gibbet itself is not shutting down, so there will still be lots to see! Just stay tuned!

2015 Draws to A Close

…For many of our fans, you are already in the future! At Iron-Gibbet Comics, we have hours yet before the ball drops us into 2016, so there is precious time to update you guys on things you may have missed out on, and things to look forward to in 2016!

Call it unfortunate timing, but did you know that The Refuge returned just before Christmas?? We know it may have gotten lost in that pre-holiday bustle, but we’d appreciate it if you’d take a look! Don’t worry, you haven’t missed too much, and there is still so much more to look forward to!


Our new friend Zach has been making some fantastic development strides in his original title! His Twitter and Tumblr pages are alight with his world building, and it’s getting us pumped to see the story he has to share! He’s also got some other great art to see, go check it out!


In 2016 the plan seems pretty straightforward; More art and comics for all! Between The Refuge, Requiem Mask, Indifferent Girl, and Dim Bulbs on the way, you will have plenty to read up on! With the holidays also coming to a close, along with 2015, the path ahead is a lot more clear and less filled with grueling DayJob hours so we can share even more with you all!

So, as always, thanks so much for riding this wave with us! We look forward to what we can bring to you in 2016!

Welcome Back Requiem Mask!

Welcome back! Again?

Hello everyone! As you no doubt have heard by now, Requiem Mask is officially out of hiatus and resumes updating weekly from now on! Are you excited? We certainly are! As we hinted at before, this marks the beginning of the end of Requiem Mask… which sounds scary, but we promise it isn’t. There will be no rush to the finish line! Our priority is telling the best story we possibly can, which takes time, and that’s what we intend to give you!

The Refuge is still due to resume updating this month, although we can’t predict when exactly! Time got away from us as our focus was on Requiem Mask… but stay tuned! In a related note, on this day in 2013, The Refuge began updating! How cool is that? And, I suppose, a little ironic?

We look forward to you guys finally getting a chance to see what we’ve been up to, although Patrons will have already gotten early access (Maybe you can too?)  AND we look forward to keeping up with you guys via Facebook comments! Hopefully that makes life a little bit easier for you! No extra log ins to remember or anything! Although DeviantArt comments are open as well, if that’s your preference!

So we’re going to have a coffee or two (or three, or eight) and take some time to appreciate our hard work. Not for too long though. There is always more work to be done!

Oh My Gad, We’re Back! (again)

…brothers, sisters, everybody sing~!


Iron-Gibbet is back online! Thankfully everything went as scheduled and nothing broke … *too* badly.

You may notice some things in the finer details – for instance, each comic site get’s it’s own, personalized slice of heaven! Bask in their individuality!
And, perhaps more importantly, comments on comics are BACK ONLINE! They’re now hosted through Facebook to make life a little bit easier than bothering to come up with logins and whatnot for every thing…

As for the comics themselves, Indifferent Girl will continue updating every Wednesday while we wait for The Refuge and Requiem Mask both make their return in December!

AND Dim Bulbs,  our newly hosted comic by Zach Heiser , is set to launch in early 2016!

So take a peek and see what’s new! Go and binge read everything! Now is a good time!

(I-G’s back… all right~!)