Iron-Gibbet Studios was founded in 2007 and was the solidification of years of teamwork and creative efforts. Although they had been collaborating since meeting online in 1997, Chelsey Rockwell and Alex Roman officially started their comic career when they began ‘Requiem Mask’, the story inspired by Gaston Leroux’s original novel, The Phantom of the Opera. The name Iron-Gibbet is a reference to an important piece of architecture in the novel.

In 2015, the studio changed their name to Iron-Gibbet Comics to reflect their specialty. This change came with their decision to start hosting external comics on their site. Remembering how hard it was for them to get started, they decided to help other aspiring comic artists by giving them a place to start their own adventures for free.

There has been some debate on how to properly pronounce “Iron-Gibbet”. Although the proper English pronunciation is “jibbet”, the studio prefers to say their name as is it written with an emphasis on the G.

If you would like to support Iron-Gibbet Comics in their artistic ventures, please visit the Patreon page to subscribe and pledge.

Chelsey Rockwell-Román
Artistic Director, Head Writer, Illustrator

Comic Projects: Requiem Mask, The Refuge, Indifferent Girl
Chelsey has dabbled in a bit of everything in the artistic world, from traditional painting to digital production, from HTML Coding to Flash animation. But her heart remains true to telling her stories. She studied Interior Design, Graphic Design and finally Media Arts & Animation at both the Art Institute of Vancouver and the Art Institute of Atlanta. She recently worked for video game giant, BioWare, on Dragon Age Inquisition’s final DLC, Trespasser.

Alex Román
Panelist, Illustrator, Writer

Comic Projects: Requiem Mask, The Refuge, Indifferent Girl
Alex studied Media Arts & Animation at the Art Institute of Atlanta and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, though he will tell you that he’s been drawing as long as he can remember. He is currently working part time whilst illustrating and writing for Iron-Gibbet Studios, but is content to do so as he gets to smell and drink tea all day. He hopes that one day, Iron-Gibbet Studios will become one of the go-to studios for creativity and classic animation.

Kristin Fisher
Lead Editor, Writer, Community Manager
Comic Projects: Requiem Mask, The Refuge
Kristin is a student studying for her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature at Wheeling Jesuit University. She volunteered for editing and was soon after asked to be Editor-in-Chief because of her ambition and attention to detail. While a fan first and foremost, she is quickly becoming an integral historical accuracy resource for the studio, and has been given the go-ahead for expanding story content. She also updates many of our social media outlets to keep other fans up-to-date.