Secret Identity: ???
Alignment: Good?
Super Powers: A Super Strong Indifference, Lethargy and Disconnectedness
Weaknesses: Dislike of general effort, Overly cheerful people, Go-getters

History: Born to warring lovers, the superhero Katastrophe and supervillain Big J Daddy Mac, Indifferent Girl learned that she did not become super when her boyfriend dumped her at age 16, but she has always been super. She has since teamed up to fight crime on occasion with her sidekick, and boyfriend, Pragmatic Man.
Secret Identity: ???
Alignment: Good
Super Powers: Super reasoning skills. Not convincing others, but being reasonable.
Weaknesses: Excitable people, Impulse buying, Conflict of his own powers

History: Originally a supervillain by the name “Puerto-Rican-Tarantula-With-Funny-Pants Man”, Pragmatic Man began to see the error of his ways and made peace with his arch-nemesis, Indifferent Girl. He chalks the entire super-villain situation up to puberty, hormones and “idiot boyisms”.
Secret Identity: Hershey Squirtshoofd
Alignment: Evil
Super Powers: Super Sarcasm, Energy blasts?
Weaknesses: Big busses, Receding hairlines

History: Originally a superhero, Sarcastic Boy was Indifferent Girl’s first sidekick until he turned out to be a real bag of feet in human form. He is no longer alive, having been hit by a bus by his greatest rival, the now-called Pragmatic Man.