Iron-Gibbet Comics Hosting Terms of Service

Sizing and Space

Comic width is limited to content layout size, which currently is 750 pixels. To save space,
we insist that you resize your comic pages to 750 pixels wide before loading.
If you plan on sharing videos on your page, you must load them to an external site like youtube and embed the
video after. As movies take up a great deal of our space.

Copyright and Legalities

Iron-Gibbet Comics does not lay claim to any comics on our network other than those listed as having been
created by Iron-Gibbet Studios. Your work is your own and you are free to pursue paper publications
from other companies.

Iron-Gibbet Comics is not responsible for any issues that may arise from a hosted comic’s publication.
This means if your comic makes someone angry, violates a copyright or is found to be plagiarism we will not
be held responsible for any of the fallout or legal repercussions that may occur. Your comic, your responsibility.

Iron-Gibbet Comics does not permit adult and/or pornographic comics. While adult material is allowed on
Iron-Gibbet Comics, any comics focusing entirely on a pornographic context or storyline is not permitted.
(there are many other networks available to utilize, however and we can recommend several for you)

Iron-Gibbet Comics does not permit hate speech, racism, bigotry, and/or illegal content in comics hosted
on the network. Comics are not allowed to promote any slander toward any group of people, religion,
gender, sexual orientation, etc, or they will be removed and the author(s)/artist(s) banned from the network.

Possible Fees and Fundraising

Joining our network is free. As we are still a small network, content fits on what we are already paying
for personally for space. We are currently relying on banner advertisements to pay for spacing. However,
if we find any gross misuse of our spacing privileges, we will have to take action. If your graphics or comics
exceed what we can provide, you may have to chip in to our yearly fee to help out. (Essentially, don’t go
crazy, and it will remain free)

The Iron-Gibbet Patreon is for Iron-Gibbet Comic founding staff only. As a member of the network you are
not liable to any funds raised by our patreon. You may however create your own patreon specifically for
your own comic(s) and all money earned from that is strictly yours to use as you will.

Advertising and External Sites

You are free to post your comic on other platforms, such as tapastic and deviantart, however, we prefer that
you use Iron-Gibbet Comics as your main hub.

Iron-Gibbet Comics is not solely responsible for your advertising and promotion. If we get notification that your
comic has updated, we will share it on our social media. But that is the limit to our promotional abilities.
As mentioned before: Your comic, your responsibility.

Please do not use our logo on your personal advertising. We do not own your comic. We do not make any claims to it.
So therefore, we do not want our logo slapped on all your banners. Please refrain from doing so. Saying that you are
hosted by us is perfectly all right, and linkbacks are always appreciated, but we want you to focus on your
own comic prowess!

Outages and Site Maintenance

Iron-Gibbet Comics operates off of a larger hosting site, themselves, and thus are bound by outages and restrictions
as well. It has happened in the past where our site has gone down due to mishaps at the main host’s location
(for instance, one of their buildings caught fire one time) and because of this we are not in control when the
host server goes down. Unfortunately all we can do is wait for it to come back up. However, if you notice the
site is down and hasn’t come back up in a while and we sound oblivious to it on our social media pages, please
let us know. We might not even be aware of the outage ourselves.

Uploading Schedules

Once your comic is part of the network, your upload schedule is entirely determined by you. We do not decide when your
comic is uploaded, when it goes on hiatus, nothing. However, if you do decide to stop making your comic at any time,
please inform us, so that we can let other readers know. That’s all we ask.

General Conduct

Word of mouth is a powerful thing. We are doing this out of the kindness of our hearts, so please do not say anything
you wouldn’t want to hear of yourself. We started doing this with the idea of artists helping artists, so any negative
comments or conduct towards the site, the staff or the artists involved on the network will not be tolerated.

If you are feeling harassed by any person or persons on the network, please contact the staff via our contact page,
and someone will address the situation as soon as possible.

The staff at Iron-Gibbet Comics will do their best to address any and all concerns, but please keep in mind that they
all have jobs and lives outside of the site, so they may not be able to respond as quickly as you would like.
Please have patience.

Violation of TOS

Iron-Gibbet Comics will remove any comics from the network that they find has violated any of these Terms of Service.
The comic and author will not be allowed to return to the network.

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